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Management Services

For any questions regarding our property management services please contact

San Marco Properties, Inc. is open 6 days a week to show vacant units.  When a unit is vacant , that is when an owner needs a good property management firm the most and we have been in the property management field since 1979.  We have a fresh website, signs, rental lists and rental books as available resources for prospective tenants.


Our business is fully integrated with today’s latest technology.  Monthly statements are mailed at the end of every month detailing the activity on your rental property.  All receipts are attached to the statement for convenience at tax time.


There is an answering service for after hour emergencies to ensure they are handled immediately.  In addition we have a maintenance services available to work on a contract labor basis.  We are able to obtain the normal services needed for rental property at a very reasonable rate.


San Marco Properties, Inc. has resources to have temporary power and water turned on when needed to prep units.  This saves the owner time and aggravation in putting up extra deposits.  We are experienced in dealing with insurance companies, utility companies to help assist the owner in recovering losses.


That’s why we handle the collection of the rent and security deposits, correspondence with the tenants,maintenance problems and payment of monthly bills.



  • Soliciting and qualifying tenants for rental units
  • Collection of monthly rents
  • All tenant contact  (information, inquires, complaints, etc)
  • Issuing notices to tenants for late notices, violations, etc.
  • Maintaining of the following records :
  • Tenants payment records
  • Income and Expense records on each property managed with monthly totals and year to date balances
  • Monthly statements summarizing totals and year to date balances for all properties belonging to a single owner.
  • Providing knowledge and expertise to assist the owner in formulating optimum investment strategy for their property (current rental patterns, cost benefit estimates for improvements,  tax shelter considerations).